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INTERCULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN was founded in Michigan in 2018 with the purpose of advancing social cohesion by connecting communities, empowering people to engage, and contributing to the development of ideas on dialogue, peace, and community building. It does this by bringing people together through discussion forums, courses, capacity-building meetings, publications, luncheons, community engagement, and outreach programs. IAM is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic organization encouraging the peaceful coexistence of human fraternity. It aims to facilitate dialogue on a whole range of social and environmental issues, regardless of faith, religion, or ethnicity. It stands for environmental consciousness, women empowerment, freedom of expression, and human rights. It considers the path to IAM through democracy, civic engagement, rule of law, social integration, and cohesion.



​The mission of the Intercultural Association of Michigan (IAM) is to promote and organize activities to foster diversity, social integration, community involvement, and volunteering.

IAM is dedicated to intercultural dialog between Michigan’s ethnic communities.


We envisage a world where people can come together and meet on the common ground of being human, foster common universal values and address common concerns that affect us all.

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